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Here you can learn about the producers in the area and how you can get their products.
Let's choose Icelandic!


Fresh from farm Hella! 

Visit the sheep farmers in Hella in Mývatnssveit who process their products and sell directly from the farm. Old food traditions are preserved at Hella. Smoked meat and smoked trout worth trying! 

Their products have been found on the menu at Fosshótel Mývatn, which is located accross the street from them in Grímsstaðir in Mývatnssveit.


Steina & Biggi

hanna magga og runar vallakoti.jpg

The main product of Vallakot is their beef. The farm is located under the grassy Fljótsheiði where the sheep graze in the summer. They offer lamb, both fresh and smoked, and also sell smoked char, jam, pork and minced beef.

Dalakofinn Restaurant only serves burgers with meat from Vallakot!


Hanna Magga & Rúnar

Fresh from farm Vallakot!


The farmers in Múli 1 and Presthvammur in Aðaldalur Valley, Kjartan, Sonja, Sæþór and Hildur joined hands and made an old dream come true. They have prepared excellent home-made meat and their goal is to sell quality meat directly from the farm.

Icelandic Beef at its best


Gæðakjöt on facebook

Phone numers; 895-3322 or 898-8327


Fresh from farm!

Héðinn Sverrisson.jpg

Héðinn Sverrisson

Smokehouse at Geiteyjarströnd

The smokehouse on Geiteyjarströnd is nationally known for its unique smoked Mývatn trout. The trout is cut transversely, carefully salted dry, washed out of cold water and hung to dry. After that, it is smoked for 4-5 days with heavy smoke. The smokehouse was built by Héðinn in 1979 and the same things are still being done indoors, more than 40 years later.

You can get the trout in all the main supermarkets, Icelandair Hotel Mývatn and Eldá.

svartarkot reykkofi.jpg

In Svartárkot farm produces smoked trout, mainly rainbow trout from Laxamýri. The trout is smoked in a turf hut in the old fashioned way, but the tradition of smoking trout reaches three generations back in Svartárkot, which is the innermost farm on the east side of Bárðardalur Valley.


The trout can be ordered directly from Svartárkot, but it is also for sale in Dalakofinn Restaurant and in Kiðagil Farm.

Smokehouse at Svartárkot



Gylfi Yngva

Smokehouse at Skútustaðir

The trout is smoked in dry huts using methods based on an age-old tradition. Gylfi learned the art from his uncle Jón Kristjánsson and has smoked trout for almost 40 years.

The trout is nationally known. It is available in supermarkets and restaurants in the area. It is also possible to buy it at Skútustaðir Farm. At the farm you can also buy double smoked mutton in small quantities.



Farmer at Vogafjós

Ólöf is a pioneer in her field and started early selling food from the farm to her guests in Vogafjós.

Smoked home-made sausage, home-smoked ham, smoked trout, geysir bread and angelica snaps.




Tallow production

At Stóruvellir, lamb fat from the Norðlenska slaughterhouse in Húsavík is used to make pure tallow and outdoor candles. The production uses up to 60 tonnes a year of natural materials that would otherwise be thrown away. 

The products are available in all general grocery stores.



Freddi & Halla

Meat producers

Freddi and Halla run a sheep and goat farm on Kálfaströnd by lake Mývatn. Everything they produce they use and sell at their restaurant Kaffi Borgir in Dimmuborgir. They also bake geysir bread which they call "Bread in a bucket". 

Have you tasted smoked goat meat?


heidbjort og pall hveravellir.jpg

Fresh vegetables are picked every day at Hvervellir. The cultivation is eco-friendly as the greenhouses are heated with geothermal water. Páll grew up in Hveravellir and is the fourth generation to grow vegetables there.


Come to Hveravellir on a weekday and buy authentic Icelandic vegetables!

Open from 8-12 and 13-16


Heiðbjört & Páll

Horticultural farmers

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